Getting the Right Contractor pt2


There are other methods where you can ask for quotations. Another popular is getting the contractors to supply you with the manpower and you supervise the job and buy all the needed materials yourself. Most of them have the notion that this is the best way to avoid being shortchanged by unscrupulous contractors. While I tend to agree with this point, this method might be very costly. There are 2 ways to go about using this method.

The Lump Sum Method.

The contractor will provide all the necessary manpower to finish the job under his supervision. The owner will buy the materials needed. The Contractor will quote a lump Sum price for the labor charges involved at his discretion and estimates on how long the job will take to complete and there is no time duration as to when he completes the job.

Under these circumstances, most contractor will want to rush through the job because the lessor days it takes to finish the job, the more he can save on wages for his workers. The priced has already been fixed, so if he delays, he won’t be making much money. So don’t be expecting the best quality of work if you prefer to take this option.

The Paid Daily Method.

Normally this method does not go through a Contractor. You will have to approach the workers directly and ask them what they want daily if they work for you and how many of their friends are needed to do the job. Most of the time they will set their wages a little bit higher than what they are paid normally because yours is a one time offer, unlike the contractors who hires them regularly.

Be reminded that they might purposely slow down their work rate a little bit to squeeze a little bit extra from you so you got to keep a keen eye that they don’t take a 2 hours lunch break instead of the normal one hour.

The upside is you can get the best and most skillful workers if you are willing to pay. You will also be safeguarded against low quality materials used as you will be the one buying all the material. Though this is not the most cost efficient method, it is the best if you can manage to get some good and honest worker who don’t sleep on the job and if you have the time to supervise all the work yourself.