Go as High as You can


After a few posts about making a living without going for further studies, I beginning to sound like as if I am against people attaining a higher education. Please don’t be mistaken. I am all for a higher education. Anyone who has a chance should go for a higher education. As high as they can possibly attain. Knowledge is power. Even if what you learn cannot be applied to what you do in future, it does more good than harm.

A Bachelor’s degree nowadays a so common that it is said that if you throw a pebble down a busy street you will probably hit someone who has a one. That basic degree isn’t worth as much as it used to be. It’s getting too common. When my eldest daughter graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, most of the job offer she got was from Insurance Companies. They give you a very fancy job title, befitting your status, but in fact the job is no different from an Insurance Salesperson. It’s tough getting a good job of your liking with just a basic degree if you don’t have any extra skills.

Lots who can afford it, continue on to do their Masters. This makes them a level higher than a degree holder and prospects are brighter.  For those who don’t have this opportunity, arming yourself with some extra skills might be a better option. Learn a foreign language maybe. Attend a course in communication skills. Practice public speaking. Something that will put you in an advantage over others. Something that will get you into that Organization.

However, once you are employed, the scroll don’t mean anything anymore. Your prospect of advancement will depend entirely on your job performances. Even if you have a Master’s degree and you perform miserably in work, the guy with a basic diploma, but works diligently, will get promoted before you. But then of course if the inevitable happens and the Company folds up unexpectedly, the guy with the Master’s degree will have a brighter prospect of getting employed again.