Have Exit Signs Installed In your Business Premises.



See that all familiar Exit Sign on the left? Everyone would have seen it. It is a compulsory item that must be installed in all public places like shopping malls, cinemas, or concert halls to safeguard public safety in cases of emergencies like fires or earthquake so people knows where to head for during these disastrous times.


Now look at the sign on the right. This is a not so common Exit sign. Not many public places can be seen installed with this sign. These are braille exit signs, specially designed for those who are vision impaired. These signs and more are products that are available in The Exit Store, the exit and emergency specialist.

Besides being a specialist in exit signs, that comes in 16 different makes and designs, The Exit Store also specializes in emergency lights which often works hand in hand with the exit signs during an emergency.


Emergency Lighting is an integral part of a factory or a shopping centre’s safety feature. In cases of fire the whole place will lit up automatiacally so they don’t have to grope in the dark and injure themselves.

To view all the products available in The Exit Store, you will have to log in through their Site. Prices for these emergency Exit and Emergency lights are priced reasonably. The Exit Store accepts all major credit card even PayPal.