House Renovating Dilemma


One very common dilemma faced by everyone when it comes to house renovation is indecision. many of us doubt our own guts feeling. One, we worry what our friends and neighbors will say if they don’t like what we have spent thousands to do. Second, we worry if we have been fleeced by the subcontractors.

It is a common occurrence when after we have done everything and is actually quite happy with what we see, there are bound to be some wet blankets thrown. There will say the color is wrong. They will say we have paid too much. They will criticize the design. All these complains inevitably plants a doubt in our minds as to whether we have really done the right thing.

The most important thing therefore is to trust yourself and your instinct. What suits your neighbor might not necessary suit you. What your neighbor paid for the same job might not apply in your case. Maybe they have used a lower quality paint or maybe they have been short changed. We never know. So as long as we are satisfied with what we have paid for, don’t listen to those naysayers.

Of course we still have to be careful and do our research. There are plenty of subcontractors around. Visit a few houses that he has done and check the quality of his work. If you know the occupants, better still. Enquire about the contractors integrity and honesty. Get all the feed backs that you can get before deciding. Check out with the hardware stores the different types of materials available and the prices.

After doing your research, make a rough estimate on how much it will cost. If the quotations received are around your estimates, then you will feel safe and not feel cheated. The look and design of what your renovation looks like is an individual thing and is very subjective. Each person has their own taste. So decide on what suits you and not what suits your relatives or friends and convince yourself that this is what you want no matter what people say.