How To Make Ends Meet During Bad Times


The most common complain and rants during these bad times is trying to make ends meet. Each time when I sit down with the boys at our favorite watering hole, a few of them will be shaking their heads, saying that they will be living on a deficit budget yet again for the month. They have to ask for pay advancements from their bosses. So most of the conversation will be centered around on how to make ends meet during these bad times.

Of course, when chats like this takes place, there will be lots of ideas and suggestions by smart alecks who are only good at talking and never walks the talk. The problem with many is, they know what they should do, but somehow, never bring themselves to do it. It only shows one thing. They are still surviving and not desperate enough yet. Food is still on the table and their children is not starving. They only want to rant and whine for attention and self pity.

God Will Not Provide

Another biggest problem faced by many is self  pride. Rather than taking concrete actions, they would rather wait and hope that money will somehow fall from the sky. When things come to a dead end, they would rather borrow, still  hoping that money will be falling one day and they will be able to repay the loans that they have taken.

Sadly and unfortunately, money never falls from the sky and God is not going to provide for anyone who does not want to provide for themselves.

The Tough Keeps Going

For all the misery, money is still on the street. You only need to find it and there are many ways of finding it if you are resourceful enough, or hungry enough.

I have seen people hacking away on concrete slabs thrown away by contractors just to get into the steel rods embedded inside.  Scrap metal pays handsomely.

I have seen many collecting aluminum cans and thrown away paper boxes.

These are things that can be done as long as you are healthy and without any capital. Whatever collected are pure profit.

But then, how many are willing to “stoop this low”?  The pride factor is very obstructing and hard to get rid off, even when one is on the verge of starvation.

A Second Income.

With all smart suggestions, there is no doubt that the only solution to tide over the bad time is to earn a second income. The job that you are holding on to will only pay that much and with things as it is now, it is already a blessing that you still have a job. Hoping for a pay rise to carry on your usual lifestyle is almost out of the question.

Worse still if you are your own boss. With business stagnant or going downhill but living expenses going up, trying to live up to what you have beed used to is tough. It is either you cut down on all the luxuries or you get some other source of income as a supplement.

For all it’s worth, earning a second income is not impossible and is actually quite easy if you are willing to swallow that pride and the income will almost be immediately realized.

The kind of income you want to make is entirely dependent on you and your ability. You can start a small night hawker stall. You can sell cakes and cookies from your home. Don’t snigger and say I am saying this like all other smart-ass who talks too much. Fact is, many are already doing it and they have overcome their financial strains albeit having a tougher life now than before. But then, that is not a choice anymore.