How To Check If A Fuse Is Okay


Fuses, basically is a small piece of wire encased in a ceramic cartridge for safety purpose. The main player in any fuse is the piece of wire which allows electricity to pass through. It has be be correctly calibrated to withstand the power consumption of the electrical gadget that it is protecting.

The amperage of the fuse cannot be too small or else it will blow out the moment the appliance is switch on. Neither can it be too big as this will be very dangerous because the electrical appliance might be overloading itself and the fuse will not blow out.

Thus when you are replacing a fuse in any of your electrical products in your home, make sure you know the size of the fuse and replace it with one that meets the specs.

Why Do Fuses Blow

blown fuse

A blow fuse happens when the electrical appliance is using more current that it should. This happens due to several reasons.

1. There is a loose connection in the terminals

Check all the electrical terminals in the appliance. Loose connections happens after prolonged use.

2. Something is jammed

Most electrical appliances like blenders, washing machine and so on in our house uses motors. These electrical motors relies on bearing to run and turn smoothly. A worn out bearing will make the job heavier which in turn will consume more current when it is running. When it is overloaded, the protecting fuse will blow.

3. There is short circuit

Short circuits is also one of the main culprits of fuses blowing out. This happens when the insulation of the wires gets worn out.

During Trouble Shooting Always Check The Fuse First

When you discover that certain electrical item is not working in your house, the first thing you should check is the protecting fuse. Sometimes, they just weakens after many hours of use and replacing the fuse will get the item working again.

However, if you have replaced the fuse and it blows out the moment you switch the item on, then it is time for you to get that electrical item a thorough check. If you are not up to it, it is advisable to bring it to a qualified repairman.

How To Check For A Blown Fuse

There are a couple of ways to check is a fuse has blown. There are Test Pens of Test Screwdrivers which you can buy at most DIY shops or electrical outlets and of course there are the multi meter for those who are more professional.

The video below will show you how.