How to Choose a Kitchen Sink


In my course of work as a plumbing contractor some many years ago, I cam across many house buyers or house owners who. when renovating their kitchen, tends to choose a kitchen sink that looks very beautiful, but impractical to their lifestyle. There are certain things to consider when buying the kitchen sink.

The number of people in your household.

Yes, that is the first consideration. If you have a big family, then you will have lots of plates to clean after each meal. Consider a sink that could accommodate the number of plates and bowls. A sink that is too small will not be feasible as plates and bowls stacked up in he sink will caused breakage.

The type of cooking you do.

Some who lives in condominiums does very little cooking. These are urbanites where both the husband and wives are working, so cooking is minimum and washing is also minimum. You will not need too big a sink for your kitchen. Choose something that is elegant and suits the look of the kitchen.

The Type of Sinks.

Whether you have a big family or a small one that doesn’t require much cleaning, the best sinks are the type that last you a lifetime. To replace a kitchen sink is not like replacing a light bulb where you can just plug and play. Most kitchen sinks are flushed and embedded on the cabinets or the concrete table top. To remove the sink and a replacing it will be a major job.

For one, you might not be able to get one that has the same exact measurements as the original one. Then it wold mean replacing the whole cabinet or even breaking the whole table top id it is made of concrete. Then it will involve some modifications of the plumbing work.

In the market, there are some really attractive sinks. Some are very colourful and to match the surrounding of your kitchen. Most of these are made form PVC.

PVC, in itself is a very durable material. However, people don’t know the ways to maintain them. The biggest mistake they make is to empty boiling water or cooking oil in their sinks. These will cause the sink to crack in the long term. Once cracked, there is no way to patch the sinks back.

The best way to go is to get a stainless steel sink. There are many that looks very beautiful too. many shapes and sizes have been added in the recent years. Choose on that is at least 0.6 mm thick. Some looks very pretty but the materials are too thin and it gets dented easily.

A stainless steel kitchen sink will last you for a lifetime. It requires no maintenance. All you have to do is to wash it clean after each cooking session or after each washing session. It is also hygienic and can withstand all kinds of washing chemicals. You can pour boiling oil on to it and it won’t crack or go out of shape.