How to extend a new Socket Outlet.


The switch socket outlets or commonly referred to as a plug by most of us is the easiest extension that anyone can do in the house. It just involves connecting 3 wires from one socket to another. Of course if you want it to look neat and nice, you will have to make an extra effort to encase the wires inside a piece of pvc casing which is available in most electrical suppliers outlets.

I have to remind all of you that it is important to know what the extension is for and from where you are going to tap the supply from. The maximum load a switch socket outlet’s circuit is allowed to take is 13 to 15 amps, which is more than sufficient for any appliances in our house. The maximum outlets allowed for one circuit is 2, to avoid overloading. So if you have a circuit that is supplying current to the refrigerator and the oven for example, it is not advisable to extend your new socket from that particular circuit.

The best and the safest method for extending any extra socket outlets is to locate the socket which is not linked to any other outlets and tap your supply from there. If there isn’t any, then the best and the safest way is to run the wires right to the Main Switch Board and add in an extra circuit breaker to accommodate the new Socket. This option will be quite daunting and it will be wise to get some qualified electrician to do it.

Assuming that you do indeed manage to locate a outlet that doesn’t share the circuit with any other outlets, then all you have to do is to run 3 wires from that outlet to wherever you want your new socket to be. The size of the wire should be 2.5mm as required by the authorities. 2.5 mm refers to the size of the copper wires found in the wires. Normally there are 3 strands. However in recent years even these wires have been compromised due to the ever rising cost of copper and some are not up to specifications.

If you want to do a neat job, you can run the wires up the ceiling, through it and down to where the new extension will be. Then you can cover up the wires from dangling down from your ceiling with wire casings. Then it will look very neat.

After fixing up the new sockets like I have shown here, open the outlet where you are suppose to tap the supply from. Be sure to switch off the Mains before opening the socket. If that socket is on an individual circuit you will see only 3 wires. The colored ones, either red, yellow or blue, the black one and the green one. If there is no colored wires, then look for the one that goes into the terminal indicated with the letter “L” which stands for “Live” wire. Connect you new circuits colored wires to this terminal and the other to according to their colors, black and green. Screw everything back on tightly before switching on the Main Switch Board.