How to have uninterupted water supply (pt2)


Another very simple way to utilize the water in your storage tanks in cases when water is disrupted is to have 2 separate supplies going to your kitchen sinks. Almost all housholds uses the double sinks nowadays and lots of them have one sink with water from the Mains as required and the other coming from their storage tanks.Thus they have 2 choices and very convenient.

However there are also many cases where houseowners don’t like to have 2 separate sink taps. Most prefer the swivel taps where they can use for both the sinks. It looks more elegant. If this is the case, the supply lines can also be modified to accomadate 2 different water sources using only one tap or faucets, which ever you prefer to call it.

The idea is to have the 2 separate water lines combined into one before going to the tap outlets. With the use of 2 simple valves you can choose which water source you want to use. Refer to the diagram below. f you want to use water from the Storage tanks, just shut the valves for the line that supplies water from the mains and vice versa, but you must remember to shut of the other, else if there is a water disruption, and you are using water from your tanks without shutting of the valve from the Mains side, all your tank’s water will be flowing into the Main lines and your neighbours will be enjoying free water.