How To Install A Fancy Decorative Ceiling Fan


Ceiling fans have come a long way. From the humongous wrought iron fans that weighs a ton, to the lighter version after that, ceiling fans these days serves not only to cool down our homes, it also serves as a decorative item that make our home more attractive. Instead of the plain white ceiling fan suspended from the ceiling, we have a very fancy looking fan with lights and all.

How To Choose A Decorative Ceiling Fans


As house designs gets more modern and house owners gets more sophisticated about the designs of their living quarters, ceiling fan manufacturers have no choice but to keep up with times. Unlike yesteryears when the ceiling of the house was just sheets of asbestos to block out the heat, house ceilings these days forms a important part of the interior design of a house.

When choosing a decorative ceiling fan, you will have to take into account the design of your homes and the type of ceiling you have. Simply buying the most fanciful looking fan does not mean the house will look better. Many a times, it will look out of place if the looks and color of the fan does not blend in well with the overall design.

You will also need to know the area of the room where the ceiling fan is intended. If the area is too large, you will need a fan which comes with wider wings. Else, those sitting further away from the fan will not get to enjoy the breeze.

Of course then, take quality into account. The price might be a little bit higher, bit a good quality ceiling fan will normally last a lifetime unless you decide to upgrade.

How To Install A Decorative Ceiling Fan

Installing a fancy decorative fan takes a little bit more work than a normal ceiling fan. That’s because these decorative fans almost always comes with different light fittings attached to the fan. There will be some extra wirings within the fan for these lights.

However, the good news is, your existing ceiling fan point can still be used and there is no need to install new wirings if you decide to replace your old and plain looking fan with a decorative one.

Because of the way the decorative fans are built, the suspension brackets will be different and you might need to drill new holes in the ceiling to have them fixed. That is about the most difficult part. Once the brackets are up and firmly tightened, installing the decorative fan will not defer much from a normal fan.

This Video below will give you a rough idea on what to expect if you decide to install a decorative ceiling fan by yourself.