How to Light up the Fluorescent Light with a Faulty Starter


The fluorescent light starter is just like our car’s battery. Once the car have been started, we can disconnect he batteries and the car will still run, but when you stop the engines, you will need the batteries to start it up again.

Like I have said before in my past articles, the main function of the fluorescent starter is to start up the light. Once the light is lighted up, you can actually remove the starter and the light will still be lighted. However if you switch off the lights completely, you will again need a starter to start up the light again.

With that knowledge, there is simple way where you can start up the light if you don’t have a starter in hand. All you have to do is to give the starter a twist, just like the way you would do when you want to remove the starter, and the light will light up almost immediately. The quick twist will kick start the light like the way you push start your car when the battery goes dead. Once the fluorescent light is lighted up, you cannot twist back the starter or the lights will go off again. At least you won’t have to be in the dark for the whole night.

There is another way to get the starter to work temporary, but that would require some images. I will try to get an old starter to show you how it’s done in the near future.