How To Make A Living Without A Degree


No everyone is fortunate enough to finish college and come out to society with a degree. Every year, thousands drop out of school after completing their secondary education. Some are not the schooling type, some are not interested and yet some simply do not have to money. For whatever reasons, not having a degree does not mean you cannot make a decent living. You can make a living without a degree

To those who are not fortunate or intelligent enough to pursue a higher education, there is hope yet to make a comfortable living for yourself. What you need is just 4 simple traits.


If You Do Not Have A Degree, Learn A Skill

1. If You Do Not Have A Degree – Be Resourceful.

Do not be choosy the kind of jobs that comes your way. Always bear in mind that you are not as qualified as those sitting in the plush office. Take on any decent jobs offered to you and be prepared to learn from scratch, since you did not have the advantage of learning from colleges or universities where everything is hand fed to you. It can be any job, but my opinion is to get a blue collar job. It pays more and once you acquire the necessary skills, you might even earn more than a graduate. Of course the down side is, it’s going to be tough.

2. If You Do Not Have A Degree – Be Hardworking

Don’t be lazy. When you want to learn something, show to the person who is teaching you that you are a hard worker. Don’t sulk if you gets scolded for something you did wrong. Don’t sulk even if you gets scolded for something that you DID NOT do wrong. That’s the way it is being an apprentice. Always show respect to your sifu. Do as you are told and don’t try to be a smart Aleck. The best thing is to act dumb, but work smart. Don’t be afraid to ask. Lot’s of masters don’t like to teach you direct and lead you by the hands through a step by step tutorial. They will even shout at you for asking, but be persistent yet courteous.

3. If You Do Not Have A Degree – Be Observant

Observe and learn if you happen to have someone that doesn’t like to teach leading you. Keep your eyes open but your mouth shut. Digest what you saw and try to reason out why he did that.

4.If You Do Not Have A Degree – Persevere.

Never give up. Don’t be a rolling stone or you will end up like Jack. He knows all trades but he mastered none. If you have chosen a field that interest you, stick to it until you know you can make living out of it. Stick to it until you become a master yourself, but never be arrogant and think that you have learned and know everything. There is no such thing as knowing everything. Behind every hill there is a mountain, so always be humble. Keep learning, even from those more junior than you. Keep asking. Life is a non stop education after all. It worked for me. I did not starve or have I ever been jobless ever since I dropped out of school. I make a decent living without a degree of any kind.