How to make an Electrical Extension Chord.


An Electrical Extention Chord is a handy thing to have around the house. Making one yourself to suit your own needs is better than to buy one and then find it too short to be of any use. All you need is:

  1. A 13 amps plug top
  2. A 13 amps switch socket
  3. A 3″ x 3″ base.
  4. An Electrical chord cut to your specification

Terminating the 13 amps plug top.

First strip the wires on one end of the Chord as shown below.


Terminate the wires like this. Sometimes the wire may comes in different color. If that is the case, the Blue Wire is = Black Wire and the Brown Wire is = Red wire.  Make sure the wires goes to the right terminals.


On the other end of the Chord, strip the wires a little bit further.


Push the wires through any of the holes you on the base box and tie a simple knot on the chord itself so the exposed wire does not slip through the holes.


Terminate the wires as shown. The Live Terminals or the terminal that the red or the brown wire goes is always indicated with the letter “L”. The Black or blue wire always goes to the terminal indicated by the letter “N” and the Green wire always goes to the terminal indicated with the letter “E”


When you are sure that all the terminals have been tightly screwed on, fix the Switch Sockets onto the Base with the screws provided. Tighten properly and your extension chord is ready for use.