How to make your paintwork last longer


The most common problem faced by houseowners is the growth of fungus in the outer wall of their house. The most common area where those greenish growths thrives are damp areas. No amount of washing will make them go away and the only alternative is to repaint the walls.

There are many brands of paint that claims to be fungus resistance and some branded ones gives a guarantee of 5 years against fungus growth. The claims are true, but in order for it to work there are some steps to be taken before applying the new coat of paint.

All Old Stains Of Fungus Must be Removed

If the fungus is not removed before you apply the fungus resistance paint, it beats the purpose of spending so much to buy those expensive fungus resistance paint. Removal of the fungus will involve blasting it away with a High Pressure Jet Washer. There are some contractors or shops who rents out this equipment if you don’t have one.

When blasting away the fungus, do not aim the nozzle straight at the wall. The water pressure will be so great that it will blast of your cement plaster as well. The idea is to aim the pressured water at a angle so it will not harm the cement plaster. Make sure all traces of fungus are removed.

Apply a good layer of Sealant as Undercoat

After cleaning the wall, let it dry thoroughly. The apply a coat of Sealant as Undercoat. These sealants are available in all Hardware shops and it serves to protect the wall from moisture seeping through. It looks and feel like the emulsion paint that you are going to use and application is also the same as painting the wall.

Wait until the undercoat is totally dry before doing applying the final layer of the fungus resistance paint.

If done correctly, you can rest assured the wall look like new for at least five years. Some last as long as eight years. By that time, I guess most of us will be fed up with the color. The next time you repaint, if the walls are still clean and fungus free, you can just apply a new layer of paint over the old one.