How to Patch Up Cracks on the Wall.


I think almost everyone of you has experienced this. Cracks appearing on your walls after a few years. This happens due to several factors, so i will no be describing them. The thing is these cracks are almost impossible to patch up with just wall fillers or cement. After a few months the cracks stars appearing again. However there is a simple and cheap way to prevent cracks from re-appearing if you use the right materials and method. The material you need are:

Joint Compounds and not the ordinary Wall Filler that you been using.


Joint Tape. If you open the package, the tape looks similar to any first aid bandage and it is self adhesive.


A small paint brush and a paint scrapper to apply the compound.


First, use something that you can find to get rid of all the loose cement in the crack. Then use a paintbrush to brush of the fine particles. Apply a layer if Joint Tape evenly along the crack. Finally use the scrapper to apply the Compound evenly over the tape. Wait for a day or two before smoothing the dried compound with sandpaper. Then paint.