How to prevent daylight thefts


Thieves getting into your houses in broad daylight will probably steal more than burglars who sneaks into your houses at night. They target houses whose occupants are all out during the day. These thieves are so brave and confident that they will actually cut off your gate’s padlock and park their car into your front porch and start loading up all your expensive items. The fact that it is in broad daylight causes no suspicion among neighbors who never expect that thieves could do that right in front of their eyes. There were instances where the thieves actually stop to chat with neighbors claiming that they were friends of the house owners helping out to clear out some old stuffs.

What makes our houses easy targets for these thieves? First it’s the front gate. If a house is padlocked from the outside, it shows that the occupants are out. Then the front doors and grills. If it is also padlocked on the outside, it is also a dead giveaway that no one is home. The house is especially quiet with not a single sound of the TV being watched or the radio being played. So to prevent thieves from carting away your TV sets or your Wine collection, do all the opposite.

Always padlock your gates and front door grill on the inside so that it is not so visible. Leave your windows slightly opened and let your TV or radio play loud enough to be heard from the outside.

Make that a habit everytime you leave your house empty in the day time. Better still if you are up to it, keep a dog inside your compound. It might not be 100% fooproof, but at least your house will be the last target. No thieves want to take chances. There are many other houses that they can be sure that no one is in.