How To Repair A Wall Crack


Wall cracks are common problems for lots of house owners, especially those who buys ready made houses that are built en mass like those in housing estates. In construction of houses like these, not much attention is paid to the foundation of the land before the houses are built.

Cracks in the walls of the houses will appear within one or two years and in some cases even earlier when the land on which the houses are built settles due to the massive weight of the houses that have been built on top of that land. When this happens, cracks will be inevitable. In most cases, these cracks will happen in the weakest part of the wall, that is above the windows or next to the door frames where support is the weakest.

A More Long Term Solution

When such cracks appear, it can be quite a heartache as no amount of patching seems to do a permanent job. Normal patching with cement provides only a temporary solution.

There is however a method which you can try to at least keep the cracks from re-appearing for a few years. At least, the eye sore will not be visible and you can always do another re-patch when the crack appears again in a few years time.

This method is quite easy and most of you will be able to do it yourself. The materials and tools you need to buy are:

1. A Roll of self adhesive joint patching mesh tape

2. A pail of joint compound.

3. A wide paint scrapper.

These items are readily available in all hardware stores and DIY outlets. If you do not know what they are called, simply tell the shop assistant that you need then for repairing cracks on the wall and they will know what to give you.

Check out the video below to learn how to repair the cracks on your wall.