How to save a little bit of electricity each day


I have said before that appliances that you use to heat up things like the oven, the cooker or the kettle and appliances that utilizes a electrical motor to keep it running like a refrigerator, the washing machine or the Air condition, consumes the most electricity in a household.

Some appliances like the refrigerator has thermostats that controls the temperature so that when a desired temperature has been achieved, the motor switches off but itself, thus helping the user saves a little bit of energy cost. Then there are some like the Air Conditioner which you can set time and temperature for it to automatically switch off.

One of the most mistakenly used item in house is the kettle. When we boil water we tend to fill up the kettle to the brim even though we don’t need so much boiled water. We have a feeling that we will be wasting the use of the kettle if we boil water at half full level. That is very wrong. We should boil only what we need. If we need half a kettle of water, we should just boil half. It takes half the time to boil half a kettle of water compared to a full kettle. Just do your maths. If it cost $1.00 to boil a full kettle, we are now using only $0.50. That’s a hundred percent saving.