How To – The Correct Way To Install Wires For 3 Pin Plug Top


Most of us knows how to install the wires for a 13 amp 3 pin plug. Afterall, there are only 3 wires involved so how complicated can that be. However, simple as it seems, there are still many who do not have a hint on how to install the wires to a 3 pin plug correctly.

The most common mistake is connecting the live wire to the earth terminal. Needless to say, when this happens and when the plug is put in use, it will trigger the circuit breaker to trip and cause a temporary blackout in the house.

I think I have written briefly on the correct way to install the wires in for a 3 pin plug sometime ago. I feel it will be good to refresh on this since there are still so mnay who does not know how.

This time, instead of me explaining with pictures and all, I have found a video that explains very clearly the correct way to install the wires for a normal 3 pin plug.