Improved Customer Service By CheapoAir



Realising that their business depends largely on customer satisfaction, CheapoAir dot com has taken concrete steps in this direction by increasing their support staff. Since implementing this step, the time that customers calling in has to be put on hold has been drastically reduced by more than 65% of the usual hold time. This means that if a caller has to wait for 20 minutes to be served previously, all it takes now 7 minutes before someone answers their enquiry. With this improved service, call abandonment too went down to 70 %.

Living up top their motto of One Call Does It All, flight bookings can be done online via CheapoAir’ s website or simply by calling 212-478-0335. Bookings are opened 24 hours per day. 7 days per week.

Other flight bookings, information on Accommodation and Hotels can be made through CheapoAir for major locations around the States like Washington, Los Angeles and all major cities.

There are 25 hot Airfare deals offered each week to some of the choicest locations. Deals includes flights to Miami right down to Cairo in the Middle East. So if you are frequent traveller, CheapoAir is one site that you should bookmark or alternatively call CheapoAir 24/7 Customer Support 212-478-0335

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