Indications of one’s Financial Health


There is one business that don’t seems to be affected by the present times. The betting shops. It is a good indicator on whether times are good or bad. The worse it is the more people starts to bet hoping to for that big payday. So if you see people crowding in betting shops, don’t get the impression that times are good for them.

It’s also good indicator of human character. When you see someone driving a luxury car entering a betting shop, you can deduce 2 things. One, he is greedy and two he is showing off when in fact his bank account is just as empty as yours and mine. I will bet on the second guess. People who are really filthy rich don’t bet in betting shops. It’s only those who acts as if they are loaded who goes a betting in 4D.

It’s a ironic situation. Out of 10 guys I know who drives an expensive luxury car, 8 of them are just driving one to keep up with the Jones. Only 2 of them are genuinely driving one because they can really afford one. The other 8 are just as broke as me. They might think by driving a big car and staying in a plush bungalow they can camouflage their misery, but like the old Chinese saying goes, “shameful things can spread a thousand miles.” Unless they go somewhere where no one knows them, their reputation will be just as smelly, big cars or no big cars.

Another indicator of his financial situation is by looking at the frequency he changes his cars. If someone keeps changing cars, don’t falsely think that he is loaded. Everyone knows it’s easy to get a new car these days. The hard part is maintaining it and paying he monthly installments. So when after paying the car for 2 or 3 years they sell off the car, for say, 80k. After deducting what they owe to the Banks, they might have 40k left. They go and get a new one with a 20k down-payment and they have 20k extra to roll over. It goes on and on. So every 2 or 3 years we see them driving big new cars. It’s a good indicator of his financial health.