Installing an Alarm System in your Premises


Another security feature that is fast catching up with house and shop owners is the installation of alarms. In fact, Insurance Companies refuses to insure shops and factories against theft if Security Alarms are not present in their premises and proper home security is not strictly observed.

Finding a Suitable Alarm System.

For a normal house, the basic alarm system should suffice. Most alarm systems nowadays even in basic form are quite sophisticated in features. Other than the age old vibration sensitive alarms, where the sensors will trip the systems should there be unexpected vibrations caused at the doors or windows, alarm systems these days comes equipped light sensors, heat sensors and even GPSR. Modern systems lets you control the system via your cellphone. Some more advance systems lets you watch the surroundings of your house or factories through your 3G handsets or your PC from remote locations if you have security cameras installed at critical locations around your house. As an added value, some even offers to do the keeping watch for their clients on a 24 hour basis.

Getting a suitable systems depends a lot on your lifestyle. If you are the type that travels a lot and leaves the house empty for long periods, it’s of course better to have the more advanced system so you can keep watch over things even if you are abroad. On the other hand, if you are home most of the day, an alarm to would deter thieves or burglars should be enough. Speaking of which, i would like to relate a true story that happened to my brother in law’s shop not too long ago.

His shop was broken into one night and of course his alarms were triggered sending wails throughout the housing estate. Problem was, these kind of false alarm were quite frequent so nobody took any notice. The system was quite an advanced system and once the alarm is triggered, it will place a call to the owners handset and he can either switch of the alarm remotely by using his handset, or he can go check out the situation. So happens that he had a feeling something was not right as there have been a spate of break ins recently, he decided to go check out his shop with his wife. When he reached there, he saw the front grill wide opened and 3 guys loading all the good into a lorry without a care in the world. On seeing my BIL approaching, the robbers wielded their knives and warned them not to get any closer while they keep loading the goods. All he could do was to watch from afar and let them take whatever they wanted.

So much for the alarm systems!! But then if he did not equipped his shop with an alarm system, he wouldn’t have been able to insure his goods. So thanks to the alarm that he installed, he was paid full compensation for his loss.