Is It Good to Job Hop?


Yes and No. That’s my opinion anyway. When someone first join the job market, their first job isn’t always going to be the most suitable job, but good and suitable jobs are not easy to come by, so most just accept what comes along, hoping to get a better offer while making a living. That is advisable. It’s like the Chinese saying, “Riding a Bull while finding for a Horse” Some may change jobs a few times before landing one that they are happy with.

Pay is not the main priority.

When looking for a job, don’t list the amount they pay as your top priority. No doubt, the higher they pay, the better and it will be a big influence on you wanting the job, but one also must look at the long time prospect of the job and the Company. Whether the Company you are joining will give you better benefit, long term employment, good chances for advancement are all that should be taken into careful consideration. A guy who takes a job as a security guard in a multinational organisation will have better long term career than someone who took a higher position with a small time company. Multinational Organizations gives very good benefits to their employees. Benefits like paid holidays, full medical coverage for their immediate family members and generous bonuses are things that smaller companies cannot afford. I have friends who retire a millionaire after working for Shell Refining Company for more than 20 years. The gratuity they pay and the compensations they get tops many a smaller companies, and I have to mention, this guy started off as a messenger boy with the Company.

So keep looking and hoping by all means, but when you land yourself a good one, keep it. Once you have been with the Company with a few years and have gain a certain seniority in the Company, it’s not very advisable to change jobs anymore unless some other Company is willing to pay you more with the same or better benefit and without any lost or downgrading from your present position.

Working as a living is almost the same anywhere. Some may opt for a less stressful job, some may want a better boss, but at the end of the day, you still have to put food on the table. Of course, some are more fortunate than others. They are born with a silver spoon and they don’t have to work for their whole lives.