It’s not a Dog’s Life


The saying that goes, “It’s a Dog’s life” don’t hold truth anymore. These days with people’s affluency, dogs are having their day. They are dog’s boutique that sells almost everything you can think off to pamper your favorite doggy. There are restaurants just for dogs. There are dog parlours where you can get your dogs manicured. There are dog saloons to give them a good groom. f that is not enough, there are even dog beds

Dogs don’t sleep in kernels these days. They have their own sofa and own beds and sleeps in air conditioned rooms. Along with these couches, sofas and beds come dog pillows, all exquisitely designed and made from high quality materials. Seeing a dog being pampered like that makes me wish I am one too.

Online store,, stocks a vast variety of dog beds that are fit for kings. Buyers can even choose to have the beds personalized with the dog’s name embroidered on the beds. Another specialty dog bed is the Orthopedic Dog Beds made specially for dogs that suffers from joint aches! I need one of those myself!

Now if you take long trips and you cannot bear to leave your dogs with a dog keeper, there are also luxurious travel accessories for your dogs to make their travels more comfortable. After browsing through what is available for dogs these days, I think i will be better off being a dog.