Job Recruitment comes before anything.


In every sector of the industry, be it the manufacturing sector, the service sector or even the retailing sector, job recruitment is the first priority. Even before the premises are ready, recruitment officers are already on the prowl looking for suitable candidates to fill in all the post available. Every sensible businessmen understand the fact that no matter how high tech their company or factory might be, it simply will not run without the human factor. So their first on the list is manpower recruitment.

Years ago, when the Internet was something that is unheard of, recruitment officers resorts to Advertisements in the printed media. The most common practise of course is advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Another very popular method was through fliers that are distributed door to door telling everyone in that housing estate that there will be a recruitment drive going on when and where. All they need is to turn up for an immediate interview. There is no need for application letters. This method of recruitment proved very effective for those in the manufacturing concern looking for production workers that don’t need to be highly qualified.

The recruitment of staffs took a very big turn with the emergence of the World Wide Web. Suddenly, employers looking for special talents can spread their recruitment exercise to the whole world. It became international. Those looking for jobs too found a perfect opportunity to open up their search for jobs to other countries where their talents might be appreciated more. Job recruitment portals started popping up on the Net, offering employers to list out their vacancies for a small fee and job seekers too can list out their talents and the kind of jobs that they are hunting for. This practise benefited both the employers and the job seekers tremendously making it very convenient for them to really get what they are looking for, making recruitments in the international arena a lot more easier than the conventional way.

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