Jobs You Can Do if You Drop Out Of School


I am always of the opinion that if you cannot acquire a good education, you acquire a good skill. Acquiring a skill does not mean that you have to go to some technical school or college. You can also good skills and working experience if you learn your skills through apprenticeship. There are so many trades that is good for you to make a comfortable living. All these don’t need a high education to learn. If you look at some old Masters, they don’t even know how to read and write, yet they are highly paid for their skills and experience. Skills you can consider,

For those interested in Cars and Automobiles

Car or Truck Mechanic.

Car or Truck Wireman

Panel Beater and Car Painter

Car Accessories and Air Conditioner Service

Car Alignment and Wheel balancing Service

Car Cushioning and Upholstery Services

Motor Cycle Mechanic

For those interested in Constructions

Masonry and Brick Laying

Wood Moulders

Electrical Works

Plumbing Works,

Mosaic Layer,

House Painter.

Other Interests.

Marketing (Online)


Hair Stylist,

Electrical Utensils Repairs,



Pipe Fitters,


Etc Etc.

So you see, there are so many trades that you can consider learning. Many companies are always eager to take in apprentices and some trades in the construction sector pays quite well even to their apprentice.

Instead of going to some college and spending money to buy a skill, you are being paid while you learn that skill. When you pitch the skills of a guy who learned his skill through apprenticeship and a guy who learned his skill in schools, the first guy will win hands down each time. That is because in school they teach you all the theory and not much on the job training.

Of course the guy with the theoretical knowledge might be sitting in the office calculating how many bags of cements will be used in a project while the guy with the practical knowledge will be seating under the sun, but if you take away the guy with the practical knowledge, the project will come to a standstill. On the contrary, if the guy with the theoretical knowledge leaves, work will progress as usual.