Keeping Your Business Leads Intact


In all business, big or small, loosing a business lead means loosing sales and loosing sales means loosing profits. No businessmen like to loose business and loose sales, thus it is an obsession of sorts that businessmen pays a lot of importance on their business leads. However, due to the sheer size and numbers of leads, many companies which lacks proper CRM or Customer Realationship Management expertise will inevitably neglect a large portion of their leads.

Due to this foreseen slack in humans, Companies spares no expenses to have their leads properly tracked by employing and utilizing special crm software that keeps a tight reign on their leads. Banking on this weakness, an opportunity arose for many software development companies to come up with various version of software that claims to plug this leads leakage in a business concern.

There are a few things to consider when planning to use these software, and one important aspect will be to check out if the features offered in these lead management software really helps your business take care of your leads. A full featured lead management software promoted by AimPromote looks very promising as compared with other software in this market niche.

Offering a complete package of features not found in other software of the same genre, this software from Aimpromote stands a shoulder above their competitors in terms of price and features. A very attractive and worth mentioning feature is the patented Lead Attention Meter™ that keeps tab on all neglected links. As seen from the quoted introduction below, this Lead Attention Meter™ does a pretty good job at informing the user of neglected leads.

All ‘Open’ leads have a Lead Attention Meter, which is used to provide a quick way to see how much attention (or neglect) a lead is receiving. For leads that have been recently addressed, the attention meter shows green.

After a specified amount of time, the Lead Attention Meter™ changes to yellow. Then, more time goes by before a lead is addressed; the Lead Attention Meter™ turns to red. When the Lead Attention Meter™ is empty the lead is ‘Neglected’ and an alert is displayed at the top of the page. Only ‘Neglected’ leads produce an alert.

A detailed description of the software is available at Aimpromote’s site. There is a 14 days Free trial for those who wants to try out the software.