Keeping Your Food Fresh.


For those in the food business, whether you are operating a restaurant, a caterer or even a bar, the set up of the premises, the kitchen equipments, the cutlery and of course a team of well trained staffs plays a crucial part in determining the success of the venture. If you are on the drawing board for such a business, I cannot offer any ideas on the decoration of the premises or the training of your staffs, but GalaSource does offer a complete range of kitchen equipments that every restaurant needs.

GalaSource’s inventory is a haven for people in the restaurant business. From small items like fork and spoons, to bigger equipments for Commercial Refrigeration, they have then all. Everyone knows refrigeration of food is vital in any restaurant and getting the right refrigerator is an important aspect of the business.

Catering for restaurants of all sizes, GalaSource presents a wide range of Commercial Refrigerator that suits every kind of restaurants that you are operating. A good choice for those serving fresh seafood or meat will be a freezer that will ensure the meats are kept fresh. For those who serves drinks, an open air glass door refrigerator will be perfect for displaying all the drinks that you are serving in your premises.

Another must have for cost effective reasons in operating a successful restaurant is the Commercial Ice Machines. Lots of restaurants prefers to depend on ice manufacturers for their daily use of ice. In the long run, it might be actually more feasible to equip your restaurant with an Ice Machine of your own. Some Ice Machines cost less than $4,000, and if the machine serves you for 5 years, the money you save on buying ice from others will probably be more than enough to cover the operating cost of the Ice Machine.

I would like to add that all items purchased at GalaSource is satisfaction guaranteed. To show their dedication and professionalism, I quote from their page:

Our Motto is SERVICE. PERIOD! We strongly believe that our services must be among the finest in the industry because you have so many options to choose when making a purchase.

You can read the full text here in their declaration titled, ” The GALASOURCE WAY – Your Satisfaction