Learning to Prosper


If you check back to all my earlier postings, you will notice that I have always preached to never stop learning, no matter what your age is or no matter how highly qualified you are. There will never be a day when you can say you have learned it all or you already know everything. That’s the reason I subscribed to lots of magazines and e-zines. This is especially so when you are in the world of technology or doing business.

Doing business nowadays is so competitive that you have to really keep in touch with everything that goes on around the world. Never have the notion that whatever is happening in other countries will not affect you for this is a period where globalisation is the key word. It has been said that when a World power like the Unites States sneezes, the whole world trembles. Thus we had better keep in touch and a good way is through an e magazine called US Business Review.

This e-zine provides many interesting and in-depth articles in doing business in the US. A particularly interesting Article on business education entitled, “Investing In Tomorrow” by Kate Burrows, introduces an education program called Prosper Learning being run by an aptly named company, Prosper Inc.

Ethan Willis, CEO of Prosper Inc. asserts that his company is devoted to helping individuals achieve success in the business world through its customized courses. Offering educational programs focused on a variety of fields, each course is catered specifically to the students’ ambitions and level of prior experience. Prosper Inc has to date, helped, 30,000 students find success in business.

There is no reason to be left behind if you are really keen on success. There is also no shortcut. So keep learning.