Leveraging Your Income – Make the Most From the Least


The fact that you see so many people or so many businesses that makes a meagre income or make a meagre profit able to last through thick and thin and carry on for years without going down is simple because these people have a certain talent in them. They have the talent to leverage their income. It is not something that is thought in any business school, rather it is something learned through circumstances.

Making The Most From The Least.

Have you ever wondered how a family the size of 6 people can live on an income of say 800 bucks? It is mind boggling. If you do a simple calculation, this family should be starving, yet they are living happily and they still can afford new clothes on New Years day.

Let’s do a simple monthly expenses breakdown with the minimum figures.
House Rental (obviously they cannot afford to buy a house) – $ 300.00

Utilities bill – $ 100.00

Education – $30 x 4 = $120.00 (assuming thay have 4 school going children who gets $1.00 pocket money each day)

Food – $ 3 x 6 x 30 = $ 540 ( $ 3 per day for each family member)

Total = $1060.00

Now looking at those figures, don’t you at least think that their children will have to forgo school to keep food on their table? Even that will not be enough. They will have to live without piped water and electricity with the $800.00 income, and $3 a day to feed an individual don’t exactly mean the guy gets a fairly decent 3 meals. Yet they survive exactly on that figure.

H ow do they do it?

They look for aid. First, if you observe carefully, most of these lower income groups will be renting low cost houses, or squatter houses which cost about 80 to 150 per month in rental.

Their children will get free food, uniforms, shoes, and even fiancial aid from the government sponsored schools.

The have light up only one florescent light only when neccasary.

Most of the beard earners of these families will do any part time job to supplement their income.

Just by doing these few things, they can save more than half of their monthly income. Of course there will be no expensive holidays or branded goods for them, but they don’t have to starve and they live contented and if they leverage some more, all their children will have new clothes for New Year.