Life After Your Secondary Education


Thousands of students are taking their year end exams and come next year. life will be totally different for them. The majority will want to continue to college or pursue a course of their interest while a large portion will opt to drop out either by will or forced out by circumstances. Either way, this will be the biggest change in their live and their journey into adulthood.

For those carrying on with their studies, it will be a smoother transition. For those who has to look for a job, a whole new world awaits them. This can be the period where they are most gullible to outside influences and whether they make or break will depend on these first few years in society.

If their upbringing has been set on solid grounds with a good sense of self value, they will have a better chance of not going astray and easily led into the dark side. On the contra try, if they are not, then chances of them going bad is very high. Parents have a last opportunity to make sure that their kids do not mix up with the wrong company once they are in the job market. An adolescent is hard to control. They are just starting to be independent and there are many things they they see fit to do without considering the consequences.

For these young adults, it is a time of their lives that they have never experienced before. They will relish the new found freedom, with no watchful eyes over their shoulders each time they want to do something. They will get the first taste of making decisions for themselves and many a times they make the wrong ones because of their naievity. Some will learn from their mistakes, some don’t.

Whatever it is, for those who has decided to drop put for various reasons, I wish you luck. maybe I will do a re-run of my older post of the things or jobs that you can do to make something out for yourself even without that diploma or the degree.