Making A Living With Anything


If you are resourceful, anything can be used as a means t make a living. In a free society like ours, with rich resources there should not be anyone starving. Those who says they can’t make a living is either very sick and too weak or they are just lazy.

Many also says they can’t get a job. Not getting a job is no excuse for not being able to make a living and fend for themselves and their family. Money is on the roadside waiting for them to pick up. If they are too lazy or just too shy to go and pick it up, then they have no reasons to blame anyone but themselves.

I have seen people who really can’t get a job but are able to put food on the table for their family. How? They go scourging for empty soda cans! These cans are a hot item because they are recyclable and when times were really good, they can be sold for 10 cents each. On a good day one can easily collect 50 to 60 cans if they are hardworking enough. Along they way they also pick up scrap metals, or metal things that have been discarded by people. By doing that they make about $15 to $20 daily, which is enough to feed a small family.

Many people cannot bring themselves to do this. They feel it is low down and only street scavengers do that, but look at it this way, it is better than stealing or robbing somebody. There are no law against it and you are making an honest living to feed your family. They should actually be proud of themselves.