Making some Pocket Money During The Term Holidays.


For all the secondary students, the year end term holidays is coming up. It is going to be log holiday lasting more than a month and this holidays coincides with a few major festivals so there are plenty of opportunities for students to make good use of this holidays to make some pocket money as well as gain some valuable working experience.

There are many places that are out to employ part time workers, especially young students on holidays.


Restaurants will be more than eager to employ part time waiter and waitresses. It is among the best paid part time work that you can find around. However, the job requires long hours and could be very tiring for those who are not used to working in this line.

Supermarkets and Shopping Centers.

This is also another place that looks for part timers during the year end shopping rush. Hours could also be long but it is less tiring and you get to work under comfortable conditions. pay wise, it will not be as high as those restaurants.


Becoming a goods promoter can make you more than a thousand bucks during that one month break. The best paying promoters are those in the fashion line like clothes and cosmetics so it will be very suitable for young girls.


Some factories employ part timers to cope with the year end targets. Factories involved in food or apparel manufacturing always sees an increase in order during the end of the year. Be prepared to be paid much less that those in other trades but you get to learn a special skill if you have the interest.

There are plenty of other opportunities as long as you are willing to look for it. Instead of just lazing around doing nothing, why not go and make some money?