Never be over confident


Over confidences can bring about a downfall, if you haven’t realised it already. In everything we do, be it in business, in work or in play, one main reason for defeat is over confidence. We don’t take our opponents of our work too seriously, thinking we are so good at it that we can overcome anything.

Over confidence in business

If you are self employed and running your own business, and say business has been good for the past one year, we tend to get over confident. Doing business is like waging a war. A lag in concentration will be disastrous. So when business has been good for the past year, we tend to forgo all our cost saving strategies that we have put in place. We forget that it was these strategies that has been keeping that business in place. Once we start to make some money, confidences sets in. We start to think of diversifying. We think of going big. We have a feeling that we can never go wrong and will be making money in whatever we lay hands on.

I have seen many companies go bust this way. They venture into fields that is out of their expertise, thinking that they are invincible because of their initial success. Their over confidence has made them arrogant.

Over Confidence in Work

Over confidence in work can kill you. Don’t be surprise at my putting it in such an extreme way. It is true. many people have been killed at work simply because they were over confident. Never be over confident at work. Always be reminded that accidents will happen. I bet you have seen how those construction workers dangles precariously 10 storeys above without any safety measures. They are very confident of their foot hold and their climbing skills and many have been killed this way.

So remember, in what ever work we do, never be over confident. No matter how skill full we are, accidents will always happen.

Over confidence in play

I don’t need to emphasise on this. World titles have been lost because of over confidence. Crucial matches have been thrown away because they did not take their opponents too seriously. There are so many examples for you to see.

One day they are the world champion, the next day they loose to a virtually unknown. They thought they can fool around with a novice. They don’t realise that when a novice plays, they play their hearts out.

Over confidence is a killer. Always remember that in whatever we do.