Online Stores Are Here to Stay


Back in the 1960s, when we wanted to shop for a few different items, we have to get then separately from different places. Supermarkets were still quite unheard of. So if Mum wanted a can of milk and Dad wanted some nails, it would mean that I have to walk down 2 blocks to get these 2 items. Maybe some enterprising businessmen noticed me walking down the streets everyday running errands for my parents, because a few years after that, a big shop opened in town selling almost everything a small family would need under one roof. It became an instant hit among the people in my town. It was the town’s first supermarket.

Things changed rapidly after that. Businessmen who had the foresight saw great potential in doing business this way. Everything was sold in cold hard cash and turnover was good as it served as a one stop centre for our everyday needs. Furthermore, the atmosphere was pleasant with piped in music as you shop comfortably inside the Air conditioned premises.

Then the Internet came along and intelligent businessmen with a nose for making money sensed something big. Rather than spending billions to open up super markets all over the country, they began to create virtual stores and began selling online. Instead of a concentrated market dependant on the location of their stores, they now face the possibility of selling their products to the whole world. Online store began to flourish with the advancement made in the technology of Online Trading.

With online stores created everywhere, each selling different items on their own, the scenario took a back step into the 1960 era when I have to walk to a few places to get a few different items. Only difference now is people have to surf to different web site to get different things. So it was inevitable that super online stores were created. These sites houses various stores under one massive Site so anyone who likes to shop online can just log in to one Site and everything they need can be found there. One such Site that has more than 2400 stores listed under their roof is a site called Deal Locker.

What makes a site like Deal Locker so attractive to online shoppers is the sheer size of the site. If you check out the categories listed in there you will be awed by number of items that can be found there. All listed out clearly in alphabetical order, there is almost nothing that you can’t find there. To add icing to the cake, all items listed there carries coupon codes that you can use when you are buying from any particular store of your choice. These codes will entitles you to special discounts or cash backs.

A check on the computers category showed stores dealing in all computer related products like printer cartridges and toners. Buying these products using the 4InkJet coupons saves you from 5 to 10% on most products.

If you are a businessman looking for some online solutions to enhance your online business, try using the coupons from LunarPages, a well known web hosting company. You can save up to more than 25% with some of the coupons listed there.

Sometimes it gets tiring just clicking your mouse looking for the things you want in this humongous Site. Deal Locker seems to realise this, so they have come up with a bookmarklet for your browser which you can download for free. With this bookmarklet, looking for those coupon codes will be very much easier.