Why do paints peel on the lower portion of the wall.

Most terrace houses faces this problem. Though it is not very serious, it can be quite ugly to see paints peeling after a few months, especially at the lower ares of the walls adjacent to the bathrooms. I have attended to calls from my customers complaining that they have a leaking pipe which have caused […]

What is a magnectic contactor.

A magnetic contactor is just a switch. So don’t let the term “magnetic contactor” scare you and start thinking it is some space age electrical gadget. Magnetic contactors has been around for decades. The most common magnetic contactor which we all would have seen is the Air Con starter that we see in our house. […]

Metal Awnings versus Polystyrene Awnings

The most common extension to a house is the awnings that we erect in our front porch. In recent years awnings have become become more advanced and we see many different types of designs that are much more attractive than the dull metal awnings that we are so used to. The most common that we […]

How to add a simple light point

Say you only have a single flourescent light in your room and you want to add a wall light so you don’t have to sleep in total darkness, adding a light point is easy. Below is a self explanatory diagram. Use you imagination on how you want to run the wires. It could be up […]

Painting on New Wooden Surfaces

So you have replaced a new wooden door and you need to give it a new coat of paint. There are a few steps that you have to take in order for you to give it the shine that it deserves. Choices of colours are varied but the first steps are similar. First of all, […]

Painting on Old Metal Surfaces.

Have tried painting your gates or grills and after applying the new coat of paint, you see wrinkles on certain parts no matter how many days you wait, it just would not dry off? That is because you did not take an effort to clean off the old paintwork thoroughly. Most of us thinks that […]

A Simple Electrical Circuit

I have some enquiries about how a circuit work. A circuit consist of 2 parrallel wires running side by side. One brings the current and the other lets the current flows back, creating a simple circuit. The one that brings the current is the live wire and the other one that takes the current home […]

How to have uninterupted water supply (pt2)

Another very simple way to utilize the water in your storage tanks in cases when water is disrupted is to have 2 separate supplies going to your kitchen sinks. Almost all housholds uses the double sinks nowadays and lots of them have one sink with water from the Mains as required and the other coming […]