How To Make Ends Meet During Bad Times

The most common complain and rants during these bad times is trying to make ends meet. Each time when I sit down with the boys at our favorite watering hole, a few of them will be shaking their heads, saying that they will be living on a deficit budget yet again for the month. They […]

Investing In Precious Metal

The whole world is melting, economy wise. For those making a living as a businessmen, business is suffering a free fall. For those living out as a wage earner, there will be no bonuses or worse, retrenchment is looming. The situation is fragile and there is no guarantee when it will improve. During bad times […]

Exit Signs – A Compulsory Safety Feature

A safety feature found in all enclosed public premises which is accepted and practiced by all countries is the compulsory installation of Exit Signs for all emergency escape doors and exits within the premises. This compulsory feature ensures that people trapped in a building during an emergency will not have a problem locating the escape […]

Installing an Alarm System in your Premises

Another security feature that is fast catching up with house and shop owners is the installation of alarms. In fact, Insurance Companies refuses to insure shops and factories against theft if Security Alarms are not present in their premises and proper home security is not strictly observed. Finding a Suitable Alarm System. For a normal […]

Why And When Do We Start Selling Annuities

From the old school of thoughts, we have been reminded time and again that, as a human, we should be frugal and live within our means. We are also thought to save up for a rainy day. However, over the years, ways of thinking and logic changes along with the time and tide. In modern […]

Planning For An Egyptian Holiday

Among countries in the surrounding Middle East, Egypt is one country that is favored by many who seeks a exotic holiday under the glory of the sun. Rich with a culture made famous by so many fairy tales, Egypt reminds us of ancient pyramids, swashbuckling heroes and belly dancing beauties. Though much of the culture […]

What Are Structured Settlements

Structured Settlements are settlements of cash owed to you or by you in a structured form whereby the pay back period and amount paid is structured within a specified time frame as agreed by both parties or as decided by a court of law. The most common form of cash for settlements are found in […]

Choice Holiday Destination For Businessman – Las Vegas

The fact that lots of busy businessmen head for Las Vegas for their holidays is because is the place to be. There is a saying that the streets of Las Vegas is laden with gold. It is a land of opportunities and a place where millionaire are born every hour. With a reputation as such, […]