Blue Collar Jobs are easy to learn, but hard to Master.

First days can be a scary affair. First day at school is a scary affair, so is first day on the job. This is made worse if you are the timid-never-been-outside type. I had an easier time because I was.. well, a naughty boy. That’s what my parents called me anyway. I mixed with all […]

Work Experience is the Key.

Now if you can read and understand what is written here, you have an huge advantage over your peers who cannot read or write and have to depend on their years of experience to accomplish a given job.  For an apprentice, you should respect those who have these invaluable experience that no Universities or Colleges […]

Learn from Scratch to Succeed

An apprentice in any trade won’t be paid much, but still they gets paid. The highest paid apprentice are in the masonry line. Simply put, they are called Construction Workers. This “title” itself makes many a locals shun this job as over the years, this field of work has been associated with illegal foreign workers. […]

Trades that a School Dropout can consider learning

I find it hard to believe that able bodied people can starve here. As long as you are willing to slog it out, 3 hot meals on the table is not a problem at all. Does not matter if you are not highly educated. Never give the excuse that you can’t find a job because […]