How to isolate a Faulty Switch Socket

Sometimes in the middle of the night or maybe out of the blue, you get a total blackout in your house. If yours is the only house affected, then you can be pretty sure that there is a short circuit somewhere in your electrical system. That doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole day […]

How to determine if water is seeping away.

Say, one fine day you come home and you see your water bill has shot up by 500%. Your first suspicion will be there is a leakage somewhere. You suspected right. There is a leakage and it’s a bad leakage. Houses, especially terraced houses built about 3 or 4 years ago and anything before that […]

Why the Kitchen Sink’s Drainage Pipe gets Clogged

The kitchen sink is the place where we wash our plates and woks after cooking or after our meals. The drainage or waste pipe gets clogged after a prolonged time due to a few factors. Leftovers being discarded and wash down the Waste pipe. That’s one very common reason. Lots of people thinks that they […]

How to determine a faulty electrical circuit

Assuming that you have done all the 3 basic steps when checking for a faulty light and you fail to repair that light because there is no electricity supply going to the light itself. You should have confirmed this with your test pen. Let’s discuss what else could be at fault and find remedies for […]

How to use a test pen to test for Electricity Supply

I think everyone should keep a test pen in the house. It’s a very handy tool which you can use to screw small items like your light covers or make small connections like the ones in your switches. Most convenient of all, you can use it to check if electrical supply is present on various […]

How to determine which part of the florescent light is at fault.

In my previous post, I showed the way to hook up a simple fluorescent light. That’s good for a new light. What if you have an existing fluorescent light that refuse to light up? It’s very easy to detect the faulty part. Is the florescent tube blinking or flickering? If it is, there is a […]

How to replace and terminate a two gang switch

A 2 gang switch in my shop broke, so I might as well take this opportunity to show you guys how to replace a simple 2 gang switch. First of all, SWITCH OFF THE MAINS! The broken 2 gang switch. Loosen the 2 screws that holds the switch to it’s base. Make a note of […]

How to wire up a Simple Fluorescent Light

These days when we buy a set of florescent light, all the internal wirings have been nicely wired up for us. All we have to do is to snap in the required parts and we will get a working fluorescent light. To the technically inclined, this will not be a problem, for the less inclined, […]