Painting on Old Metal Surfaces.


Have tried painting your gates or grills and after applying the new coat of paint, you see wrinkles on certain parts no matter how many days you wait, it just would not dry off? That is because you did not take an effort to clean off the old paintwork thoroughly. Most of us thinks that we can just apply a new coat of paint over the old one and it will look like new. In some cases, if the old layer is done properly and quality paint have been used before, you might just be lucky and it will look good. In most cases, there will be wrinkles.

What causes the wrinkles

All gloss paints that are used for painting metal or wood surfaces are petroleum based., Petroleum acts as an agent to keep the paint from coagulating. That’s why when a can of paint has been exposed to the air for sometime will hardened and the only way is to dilute and dissolve it with Turpentine or Thinner before you can use it again.

For the same reason, when you apply a new coat of paint over the old coat, some areas which were either not properly cleaned or have a thicker coat will dissolve when it comes in contact with the new paint because or the presence or petroleum. When this happens, wrinkles will appear on the new layer because the old paint underneath has dissolved and become soft and spongy.

How to Salvage

If that happens and you are not up to it to redo the whole gate, you can wait for a day or so for the remaining areas that are not effected to totally dry off first. Then you will have to scrapped of all the places that have wrinkled with a steel brush or a paint scrapper. You will find that it is quite easily removed as it is still wet. Make sure the whole portion is thoroughly cleaned and in this case, you should see the metal inside because all the old paint have dissolved. Make sure there are no more wet or dissolved paint around that area. The easiest way is by scrubbing the area with a steel brush. After you are satisfied, apply a the new coat. In this case, I guess you will have to apply at least 2 coatings.