Preparing for the Final Exams.


As the end of the year draws to a close, all schools will be geared towards the final exams where future of the students will be decided. For those doing their pre-U, a good grade will increase their chances of getting into a public University where it will not be too taxing for the parents. Of course then there are many better off families who have decided way beforehand that their children should attend a private University which offers a more prestigious degree than the ones achieved locally. No matter where they are planning to go, a good grade is what matters.

Planning for the big day

Many parents are overly concerned for their children when it comes to the final papers. They worry too much that their children are not paying too much attention to their studies and might fail their most important exams. Some places too much responsibilities and pressure on the shoulders of their children that they just crumble and fare badly.

Ask some who failed in certain subjects which were their favorites in school and they will tell you that when the papers were placed in front of them , they faced a total blackout. They can’t even recall simple facts and names. That is the result of over stressing themselves.

Scholars and academics have advised that there is no need to put unnecessary pressure on oneself as long as they have been paying attention for the whole term. They explained that if what was thought was digested with full understanding daily, come end of the year, there is no need to rush over the whole years work trying to remember as much as you can in a week or two.

Taking the art of origami as an example, once you know and understand how to fold a beautiful Japanese crane, you will never forget it for your entire live. A knowledge learned and understood to the root will never be forgotten.  So the key is to understand what has been taught. Once you get a grasp of the subject, you will never forget it till you die.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions.

If you don’t understand anything, ask. That is common sense. Ask until you do understand. many students refrain from asking too many questions because they fear looking stupid in front of their mates. Some fear that their teachers might not like too many questions being asked. In the end, they leave their ignorance as it is. Since no questions were asked, teachers will take it for granted that the subject has been fully understood and the move on to the next chapter.

Does Tuition helps

In a way it does. Tuition teachers have something up their sleeves these days. They have turned very professional. They want to make a reputation for themselves. The best way is to have all those they are tutoring achieve good grades. Words spreads fast when that happens because parents likes to brag about their children’s achievements.  Once word gets out that students being tutored by Mr. So and So all got good grades, that tuition teacher is going to do booming business the following year.

Smart tuition teachers makes sure the students in their tuition class fully understand what has been taught in school. They revised what has been taught and what will be taught so when the subjects are being taught in school, their students has already got a good knowledge of it.

The most important aspect that a tuition teacher’s responsibility is their ability to sniff out what will be tested in the final exams. Teachers with many years of experience can spot out what normally will be the questions asked. They will make out a list and get their students to pay special attention to the list. They don’t have to be spot on. If 30% of the list appears in the exams, the students will be doing well. So will the reputation of those tuition teachers.