Presevering To Success


Rome wasn’t build in a day. No-one in this world can claim to have the ability to start a business and start making money from day one. If you coma across such claims, it is a scam. How can you make money from day one? That is impossible. From the planning stage to the launching stage alone will take months. Within that few months, you will have to live with your savings, as there will be no income whatsoever for you.

After you have launch, there is the usual waiting period, unless you have a solid financial base and you have really pumped up your pre launching Advertisements. Otherwise be prepared to sit out at least 3 to 6 months before you can break even. These few months will be crucial. Some even to hang on for years because they have faith that their business model can be successful.

The first 2 years should be used to build up your customer base. If you are honest and friendly enough, your customers will return and within that 2 years, maybe three, you should already have built up a considerably vast base of loyal customers. Once you have that, your business will be self sustaining, maybe then you can start thinking of branching out of maybe spend some money to push the business into the next level.