Pursue a degree with Open University.


There is an option available for those who already have a job but still yearn for a higher qualification so that they can make further advancements. They can consider getting their degree from Open University Malaysia.

Dubbed University for all, this University is tailored specially for those who has difficulty gaining entry to local universities. OUM has five faculties offering programmes in various fields that are in high demand.

The beauty of it all is, entry requirements are kept to the minimum, so almost everyone with a basic secondary education has a chance of pursuing their Degree. To qualify for their Undergraduate programs towards a Bachelor’s degree in IT management for example, you just need these qualifications:

  • Passed SPM with credit in BM AND
  • STPM with 2 principles in any subject or equivalent OR
  • Diploma which is LAN recognised OR
  • Ccertificate of Matriculation OR
  • 5 years working experience


  • At least 21 years old on 1st January (applied date) AND
  • Passed PMR or equivalent

Most of the other programs entry requirements are also kept to the bare minimum like the ones shown above.

Fees structure varies but it should be quite affordable for someone who has a steady income while pursuing their courses. A check it their website shows that fees rarely exceed Rm. 23,000 for a five year, Bachelor with Honours program. That will only work out to be Rm.5000 per year or about Rm. 600.00 a month. For those doing a Diploma course in IT the fees are less than 10K for a 4 year program. There is even a Special Fee Schemes for Physically Disadvantage and Senior Citizens.

Check out their Open University’s Website for complete details.