Put On Your Thinking Caps


Be it in business or in doing your job, it pays to think before you do. Whatever it may be. Let’s take plumbing as an example as i have been a plumber for a long time before venturing into my present business.  Thinking and considering every aspect of the job, big or small saves considerable time and money.

Saving Time.

Always survey the area first. look for the easiest path for your work to run smoothly. many people thinks the easiest path is the nearest path, no matter how tough and difficult he path may be. For example, if I get a job to install a new tap point in the garden, or maybe a newly renovated bathroom, I will always take a little bit of time to look over the place. I will want to run my pipes along the easiest path where I don’t have to pass through too many concrete beams of other tough structures.

Doing it this way might use up a little bit more materials but the time saved will compensate the cost of the materials, especially if you are employing someone to do the job.

Saving Money.

In business, time is money. If I can save up a whole day’s wages for my employees by using the easiest path, it would be quite considerable. The time saved could be utilized for other projects.

By thinking over how you are going to approach certain jobs, you will be able to see that there are ways to save up considerable materials too. Planning out your jobs carefully and taking precise measurements like will reduce wastage.

Taking the bathroom again as an example, if I had not measured how wide and how high the structure is, I will not be able to determine how many lengths of pipes I require and the amount of fittings that will be needed. In many cases, contractors will buy more so avoid disruption of the work in case materials runs out midway. At he end of the job, there will be wastage and sometimes it can make quite a difference in your profit margin.

All said, proper planning and thinking over all your strategies will benefit you more than you rushing headlong into anything you do.