Rats in your house?


Some are terrified with rats. So how do we get rid of them? The best way is to keep a cat in the house! Common sense isn’t it? But in some circumstances it is impossible for you to keep a pet. The best alternative of course is to trap it. It is a cruel act but then….

The conventional mouse trap

Are those cages that springs shut when the rat enters to take the bait. This don’t need mentioning. The problem is how do you deal with the rat when you have caught it. Drown it? Scald it with boiling water until it dies? Clobber it with a hammer? Can you bring yourself to carry out such a merciless act? Some can. For those who are passionate, they release the rat somewhere far away from their houses and hope it will never come back. Me? I let nature takes it course. Whenever I catches a rat, i leave the trap under the sun for about an hour. The rats will die of dehydration. Then I bury it.

The Snap Trap

This the cruelest trap. Sometimes the whole head gets decapitated. Not recommended.

The Rat Glue

Can be quite messy. You have to apply a thick layer of the tar like glue on a piece of plywood or a thick cardboard. Sprinkle some baits like dried fish or whatever. The rat gets stuck-ed when it goes for the food. Some bigger rats will struggle and escape, messing up the floor with rat glue. Weaker ones will get glued there till you dispose of it.

Rat Poison

Use cautiously if you have children in the house. These poison are quite potent, Some comes mixed with food and some are purely poison that you have to mix yourself. It is quite effective, but you will have to bear with the stench of a dead rat after a few days because the rat just don’t die immediately on that spot. It will go into hiding and you will have a terrible time locating the dead rat.

Rats will never be extinct. After killing one another 2 will come and take abode. Guess we will just have to learn to live with rats harmoniously and that is quite impossible.