Search For Untapped Markets


To succeed, there has to be supply and demand. That is the first rule of business and all those who has been to business school would have learned that. Supply and demand works hand in hand. There has to be ample demand to justify the supply. If there is no or not enough demand, then no one will be willing to supply to that demand. Like wise, when there is a demand, there too should not be an over-supply or else whoever is supplying will be burdened with excesses. When that happen quality of services drops.

Having said that, if we can explore into something that has a demand but there are no one supplying to that demand or there are not enough supply, then we would have strike the proverbial jackpot. A field or trade that has not really taken off in a big way, in my observation at least, is the carpet cleaning business. Compare the ratio of plumbers to carpet cleaners in your town and you will see what I mean.

The fact that this is so is because carpets are not as important as running water. I mean, the carpets are there just as an adornment and we can live with dirty carpets for weeks, but we can’t do without running water for one single day. In that theory, the demand for plumbers outshines the demand for carpet cleaners, which is a good thing as not many thinks of venturing into the carpet cleaning business. It makes it a good niche. There are less competition but with an equally if not bigger market than the plumbing business.

The only promotion that needs to be done in this business is to educate your town folks the importance of having clean carpets in your homes. Play up the health factor to the hilt and explain the methods you use keep their carpets clean. Start a small website like what the San Diego carpet cleaners have done and publicise that site all over town. Remember every household has at least two carpets in their homes and many has fully carpeted rooms and living halls. Imagine the size of the market and that is just your town alone. If you are the only one catering to this market niche, don’t you think you have a winning business in hand?

I hope you get the drift of what I am saying. I am just using the carpet cleaning business as an example. It can be any trade or services that your town lacks. It is better to bet on that than to go and compete with all the big boys who are more established than you in a business that is heavily competed.