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In my previous post, I emphasized that you can make some extra income from your blogs if you sell links. However, it is not just a matter of starting a blog and Advertisers will jump in and start buying links from you. You will have to work on your blog a little bit until it gains some recognition before you are able to sell links. Then again, selling links yourself is next to impossible if you don’t know who to approach or who is interested. That is where special sites like are here for. They help Webmasters or Bloggers sell their links by getting interested Advertisers to buy links from you.

Joining as an Advertiser or a Webmaster is a breeze. All that is needed to to fill in simple forms like any other programs that you join online, so I won’t be delving into that. However, there are somethings that you need to know as an Advertiser buying Links or A Webmaster selling your links in

Benefits for Advertisers.

Links purchased from are direct links with special and unique keywords that increases the visibility of these links to Search Engine robots resulting in the Advertisers websites gaining substantially good search result placements when the chosen keywords for their websites are being searched by the masses.

In addition to that, Webmasters participating in publishing the links are required to place the links in highly visible places within their blogs or sites, thus attracting the blog’s readers to check out the Advertiser’s sites.

Starting a Advertising campaign is a simple 3 step affair. As quoted from’s page:

With just one click you create an advertising campaign, upload text ads, and with one more click you order the required number of pages (for example, 100 pages with PR3 on different websites of the same niche with Yahoo Backlinks from 100 to 500). Your campaign is on it’s way to be moderated and activated. Links will appear on websites instantly (if there is space available). You can order additional links at any time with just one click (with any parameters).

Benefits for the Webmaster or Publisher.

One that need no mention is of course the monetary gains as this is the single reason any webmasters wants to participate in these programs. While the money is important, there are, of course other aspects that needs consideration.

The beauty of the program for publishers is they are paid in advance before the Ads goes online. Payments are made 1 to 3 months in advance for one period. When the time is up, another payment will be made for the next period. So there is no chance of late payments.

As payments have been paid in Advance, there is no worry of price fluctuations in their Ads for the period that they have been paid for.

It is also very convenient. Once you sign up, all you have to do is to insert the given codes and practically needs no more follow ups.

Another major attraction is the affiliate program that has been launched recently.

When you refer a webmaster to TNX and advertiser pays 100 TNX-Points for a link on your referral’s website, your referral (webmaster) gets 75 points and you get 10 points which is 13.3% of his income.

Similar to other sites that sells or buy links, the publisher’s links will be priced according to the sites popularity and calculated upon you page’s search engine rating. However there are no limit on the number of pages on which you wants links sold, so the more pages your site has, the more links will be sold. TNX,net can also purchase your Ad space for a fixed price if you have a very popular blog.

On the downside, don’t pay publishers in cold hard cash. Instead publishers are paid with TNX-Points. You can then use these points to:

1. Use them to pay for advertising your website which will improve positions in search engine results.
2. Hold on to your points and watch its price growing.
3. Sell your points to us or any other TNX member.

Of course there are many places that one can get free links instead of buying, but these links are normally of low quality and irrelevant coming from people with low ranking sites who are eager to boost their link numbers. most of the time, these links does no good at all.

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