Selling Rugs Online


Superior rugs is an online shopping site dealing specially in rugs and rugs alone. This site stocks a wide variety of rugs that comes in various sizes, shapes and colors. As it is essential for any online stores to carry a wide range of products, there are the very popular Persian rugs, the much sought after Oriental rugs, the more traditional contemporary rugs and the new silk and wool rugs.


Quality of rugs are determined by their KPSI or knots per square inch and suffice to say, the more knots the more expensive the the rug will be. A piece of 8 x 11 man made silk rug with approximately 300 PKSI will cost around $800 while a piece of Olefin Rug with an approximate KPSI of 144 will cost only half the price. Of course the cost and difference in material have to be taken into consideration too, when determining the price.

For first time buyers who have no knowledge of choosing a rug, superiorrugs dot com does offer advise and tips on how to look for uniqueness, as no two handmade rugs will be 100% alike, how to determine the quality of the craftsman who knitted the rugs and ways to maintain the rugs so that it will last you a lifetime. Of course then there are the mass factory produced rugs that comes a lot cheaper than hand made ones.

Cheap rugs does not mean the rugs are of low quality. It is a affordable way to bring some elegance to the whole living room. Manufactured by reputable manufacturers these rugs are guaranteed against their quality and designs. Some of the higher end ones comes with a 10 year guarantee. At present there is a huge discount and clearance sale going on at where discounts of up to 805 are being offered for certain items. A good time to get a piece of rug for the year end festivities.