Taking Advantage of the Internet Boom


A shrewd businessman keeps himself updated on all that is happening around him and try to make use of every present opportunity. So if you have been surfing a lot to keep yourself informed, you would have read somewhere that there is a looming Internet boom.

Of course doing business online is not something that could be done by everybody. It is a whole new ball game and the knowledge that you have acquired from running a small retail store will not apply. You have to acquire a whole new set of knowledge that is far more complex than just renting a shop, bringing in the goods and selling them at a profit. If you are not savvy and a complete noob like me, I suggest you refrain from starting a business online.

However, even noobs like us can still make something from the incoming boom. You can start a blog. I am not joking. Don’t look at blog as a hobby. Blogs makes money these days and you don’t have to be very tech savvy to start a blog.

I won’t be going into how to start a blog, as there are millions of those info out there. I also won’t be teaching you how to make money from your blogs as there are also thousands out there, but frankly, if you want to make some extra bucks, blogging is the way to go these days.

After the recent Page Rank demotion by Google, many bloggers who sells links have refrained from doing so. Those with existing links have even returned what they have been paid for and took the links out of their blogs. This has caused a surge in demand for people interested in buying links from blogs with some respectable Rankings and those who does not care about Google juice is gaining from this demand. They are seeing a increase in sales for their links.

A normal text link can cost anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars per month depending on the popularity of that blog. Taking the minimum $20 per month text link as an example, if you manage to sell 10 links, it will mean an extra income of $200 per month. That isn’t exactly chicken feed. Coupled that with the reviews that you can write on the blog, the monthly income that you can get from a blog could be quite substantial.