Teaching the man to fish


I think I have stressed enough on the issue of learning a trade if you can’t make it to college. It’s like the old saying that goes,

give a man a fish, and he has fish for one meal, give the man a rod and teach the man to fish and he will have fish for every meal!

What I am trying to emphasize is, try to be resourceful and not blame anyone for not getting a chance to further your studies. The are lots of people who succeeds in life without a degree.

From tomorrow onward, I will try to steer a little away from this topic. The initial purpose of this blog was to for it to be a blog that gives tips and ideas on how to use simple tools and knowledge to accomplish simple task at home so that you don’t have to call the plumber each time your tap leaks or call the electrician each time a bulb fuses out.

From there, I have also plans to delve further into certain trades like how to become a successful plumber and how to be a successful electrician. These two trades are my specialties as I have been involved in it for about 20 years before I gave it all up to start my own hardware business.

I will be showing those interested in learning on how to lay the whole plumbing system of a house and how to install wiring to a new building. It will be written in a non technical way so everyone can understand. Even housewives interested to learn a thing a two will find it useful. So stay tuned.