The 2 Kinds Of Businessmen


There are 2 kinds of businessmen. maybe I should phrase that. There are 2 kinds of men in the business world. One is the go getter and the other is the one who is satisfied with what he has.

The go getter will be the one taking all the risk. He might also be the one that is going to make lots of money but he might also be the one to loose all his money. Most people say, to be in business, you must be a go getter. You must be looking at every opportunity that comes your way and make good use of it. No doubt this holds true. Most successful businessmen is indeed a go getter. They are full of energy and enthusiasm. Rushing everywhere, attending meetings and giving presentations or making a deal.

On the other hand, we see some who have really place their feet in solid ground. They are satisfied with the way things are going and they have no plans for expansion. They make a steady income and they are happy. Their business is stable and their staffs are happy. These people consider themselves “ashore” after drifting many aimless years in the rough sea.

Among these two kind of people, if you can get them together and make them partners, you will have a very strong combination. One will be bringing in all the business, while the other will be keeping a close watch that the business is viable and will not rock the boat.